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COVID-19 note: Now offering private and group fitness solutions online providing the accountability, expertise, and support you need to thrive during this difficult time!

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Vitality Fitness and Wellness, LLC helps women and men over 50 take back their health for the second half of their life through virtual fitness solutions and nutritional guidance!

We will guide you every step of the way!

Our functional fitness approach and nutritional support will help you:

 Tone your muscles

Lose that stubborn weight

Improve your strength, balance, and posture.



Effective exercise and nutrition programs help women and a few good men in their 50's, 60's and 70's to stop feeling older than they are and help them to feel their best. Our programs help you to tone your muscles, improve your strength and balance, get rid of the laundry list of aches and pains, lose that stubborn weight, and get all-day energy!


Exercise is crucial as we age! Incorporating strength and balance programs can help older adults to enjoy the things they want to do, need to do, and have to do! Our programs help you to maintain your independence, strength, balance, and mobility! We have even helped many of our clients enjoy their bucket list vacations with ease and even have clients in their late 90's!


We also work with those with chronic health conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, Post- Stroke, MS, During Cancer Recovery, and Heart Disease. Our experienced trainers can help you to improve your function!


Now Virtual! One-on-One
Personal Training

A truly individual approach to provide the accountability and motivation you need along with the expertise to ensure each workout helps you to quickly and effectively reach your goals!

Now Virtual! Small Group
Personal Training

Enjoy our fun and affordable small group personal training with a full body dynamic workout that is tailored to your body each workout. Each participant begins with our individual VIP Assessment to ensure our trainers understand your current level of fitness, needs and goals. Groups of 4 to 10 ensure you receive the attention of our experienced personal trainers, even online.



At Vitality Fitness and Wellness, we want everyone to have the opportunity to see if our program is the right fit for you. We offer our VIP Assessment ($135 value), as a complimentary service helping you start on the right foot - putting your health first!

During your complimentary VIP Assessment you can expect the following:

DAY 1 ($100 Value)

  • Deep Dive Review - Let's explore your health history as it relates to your goals.
  • Goal Setting Session - Let's get clear about where you want to be and what will get you there.
  • Vitality Assessment - Our certified trainers will evaluate your strength, mobility, balance, endurance, postural condition, and prepare you for your corrective exercise session.

DAY 2 ($35 Value)

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  • Vitality Fit Pass - One semi-private corrective exercise session with a focus on you!
  • Vitality RX - We take all the objective data and map out the real path to your ideal life and you get to make a well-informed decision about your health! No hassle. No pressure. Just Easy

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